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Mass Appeal Lyrics

I'm the one that's out of step, I guess I'm the freak,
Living in a nation where the chic all look like junkies.
I find your skin & bones funky.
I want a girl with something in the trunky.
But if dimensions ain't flat,
The narrow hips & minds declare you fat .
Skip a meal for the ideal of the skindustry.
Think they're visionaries but I call them all assassins,
With the judgements they're passin',
Tell a girl of 13 what she has to fit her ass in.
Silicone on a stick
Ain't nothing next to natural and thick.

You take the stem I'll take the bloom.
Outside that Torrid dressing room,
That's where you'll find me chillin',
So take Kate Moss cause I want Kate Dillon.

The F in F-A-T reads PH to me!
I said the F in F-A-T reads PH to me!

Skinny Minny get the fuck out' my face!
You look like you're about to waste away to nothin'.
I want a girl with some stuffin',
A couple extra pads of butter on that muffin.
It ain't a fetish, it's taste,
For those with hips and waist and body graced.
And Mr. Perfect with your insecurities,
You point and tease but, nigga please, you're all bout jookin'!
Big Mama's got something cookin'.
Won't admit it but you'd hit it when your boys ain't lookin',
But in the end it's your loss,
Allowing shepherd's flock to be the boss.

Your true desires, they shine through,
When others' eyes are not on you.
So you can fake and you can front,
You can take Liv Tyler cause it's Mia that I want.

The F in F-A-T reads PH to me!
I said the F in F-A-T reads PH to me!

Deny the beauty that I see.
That's less for them and more for me.
To your stick-figure-standard I remain defiant,
So keep your Vicki's Secret while I peep Lane Bryant.

The F in F-A-T reads PH to me!
I said the F in F-A-T reads PH to me!

So when I take you out you'd better eat-it-up, eat-it-up.
When I get you home I'm gonna beat-it-up, beat-it-up.
Cause on that body I wanna pounce
And there'd better be alot-ee cause skeletons don't bounce.
I want my bed frame to shake,
So put away that salad, have a steak!

Don't play the game, don't try to hide.
Turn tears of shame to tears of pride.
It's all in the eye of the beholder,
So put away your Barbie Doll, a real man didn't mold her.

The F in F-A-T reads PH to me!
I said the F in F-A-T reads PH to me!
Reads "PH" to me!
Reads "PH" to me!

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