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Be Easy Lyrics

Chorus[ Mary j blige]

(U betta be easy)
u gotta take ur time to get what u want from me shorty
(Baby be easy)
imma need a lil more if u tryna bring the game on me
(Ooh baby be easy)
u betta take what u can get cause rite now i'm all messed up shorty
(U betta be easy)
it's gonna take flaws in god ooh baby
(take ur time n fall back easy)

Verse 1[Hot Rod]

nigga lean to the back, be easy jack get g's off the tracks
23's on lacs, now, new day, new timbos, new day, new bimbos
roll up that window, gimme that indo
i only pimp the ones who wanna be pimped though
asshole, sometimes i'm a man that's gentle
two hoes, shit that's a menage' et trois, got they
tongue on my thing they goin la la la
i ain trick no bread only dimes when i had em
i ain had no gun when i was poppin at em
fif copped the phantom, then i hopped in the phantom
and they ain hop in the phantom, man they hopped in they saturn
then they actin all hard, all mean n macho
i'm earnin these chips so this cheese is nachos(not urs)
so get yo ass to the rear, matter a fact
g g g g g g get yo ass outa here


Verse 2 [Hot Rod]

man i change this hoe she was actin all bougy
showed a lil bit a swag she end up in the cuzzi
lil time passed she was givin up booty
first time a met her she was callin me moolly
chill with me mama, imma get the nana
ask for the prada u gon end up with nada
peep me up ur t p call me papa
cause she know the "D" is supreme like dada
i don be up up in the club doin the cha cha
cute girl ask me if she cute i'm like ah ah
now that's game now i hope y'all listen
cause erbody say she cute me i'm different
it ain my fault that u's a lame at 6 u was brooke O 6 is the same
and u mad that i'm hot with a lil bit a fame
n ur chick sprung off me sorther like T Pain

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Songwriter(s): Cameron Thomaz
Copyright: Pgh Sound, WB Music Corp.
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