Jesus In My Life Lyrics

[Hell Rell:]
Surgeon General, what's hood, what's good nigga
Hell Rell, DipSet nigga (all day, everyday)
BX is the borough (yes sir)
Sha you lay the groundwork down man (groundwork!)
This is groundwork right here man
This is nothin (this is nothin)
Rollin up my sleeves on a nigga (let's do it) uh-huh,

All my G's in N.Y. carry big fo'-fives
Chicago, L.A. prefer them AK's
All Philly niggas, is Mac milli' niggas
Every thug in St. Louis bought an uzi
Now who's the real dookie? Meanin who's really the
Frank White, rest in peace, you was really the shit
And them hoes went crazy when I hopped out the Beemer
Had on so much ice looked like I hopped out the freezer
Eagle got rainbow rocks (rocks) and them whips is
Banana Benzes, mango drops (look at 'em)
Listen playbot we ain't gon' stop (nah)
Yeah your gun bust but what makes you think mine ain't
gon' pop? (pop)
Gettin fresh out homey, just came from the mountains
Since I been home a lot of niggas been frownin (I see
Runnin 'round poutin, like this SK won't pop
Leave you stretched out right in front of they house
And these, lil' niggas runnin 'round with lil' heaters
'Bout to send bullet at 'em size of my middle finger
And, youse a little middleman in the middle of a little
Yeah I'm on my Big Pun shit, I run shit (woo!)
I got enough guns and clips to take on a SWAT team
Red dots, all of 'em got beams (yeah)
And moms talkin 'bout I need Jesus in my life (what?)
Look he hangin from my neck, I got Jesus in my life

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