Euroz - No New Niggas (Ft. Drake)
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No New Niggas Lyrics (ft. Drake)

[Hook: drake]
No new niggas, nigga we don't feel that
f**k a fake friend, where your real friends at?
We don't like to do too much explainin'
Story stayed the same, i never changed it
No new niggas, nigga we don't feel that
f**k a fake friend where your real friends at?
We don't like to do too much explainin'
Story stayed the same through the money and the fame

[verse 2: euroz]
Appoint me to the money 'cause lately it's all i been after
Once i f**k the first out the group,
I'm on her friends after
These niggas is lightweight,
It's nothing for me to bench rappers
Back to the drawing board, that is where i send rappers
You niggas is trash, all hail the lyricist
I been in the lab, and tf2 is the experiment
They say money talks,
Well that explains why i ain't hearing shit
Diss me & you won't like the attention ya career'a get
Not signed yet, it's a process,
No silver spoon, just projects
Makin' all these deposits
I could give a f**k about yo comments
Man i set my goal, then i got it
No skeletons in my closet
You care less about the local shit
When u got dreams of being iconic
Hold up, hold up, stop the hate and get ya dough up
Give a f**k bout the thread counts,
When you know you got the shit sewed up
If you bout to blow then what's the hold up?
Las vegas, i run it
I said that shit the first time
And aint never been confronted (man)

[hook: drake]

[verse 2: euroz]
(okay) niggas hatin, that's nothin new
f**k wit me and i f**k wit you
If not, you can up and leave
And i'm a let this money be a substitute
Wit this rap shit? Been a threat,
I dont see niggas, silhouette
A lot of y'all still sleeping on me,
And i take y'all aint get the memo yet
What i'm in? Beast mode / what i'm blowin? C4
What i'm driving, don't worry bout it
What she giving? Deep throat
Handouts? Keep those / game is easy, no cheat codes
Every nigga from the streets know,
That i keeps it all the way c-note
I'm real, you not, lookin' to take a few spots
Every song that i do hot / just wait 'til tf2 drops
Las vegas, pound sign, blowin' loud, (no) alpine
My circle full a real niggas,
(so) square niggas stay from “round” mine
Kill rappers on downtime, f**k around and get outlined
(you) let niggas take a couple shots
And they get comfortable at that foul line (foul line)
The resistance, they love my crew the most
Pretty bitches and money,
We runnin' thru em both / (i tell em)

[hook: drake]

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