Dom Kennedy - Dominic
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Dominic Lyrics

[Intro: Dom Kennedy]
Keep the party going....yeah
A lot of shit, (yeah) a lot of shit about me (yep)

[Hook: Dom Kennedy]
Yeah these niggas talk a lot of shit, a lot of shit about me
Yeah these bitches talk a lot of shit, a lot of shit about me
Yeah they probably say a lot of shit, a lot of shit about me

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
I was born in August so im just gon protect you
He left you in the garbage, he don't even respect you
I didn't go my hardest cause I don't wanna sweat you
I caught her in the Target just walking out the restroom
Her hair in a bun, them some nice shoes
Looking like something that a nigga might do
Album finna drop we on that vice too
Them niggas from the H got you on that Sprite too
Daytime lights every time I slide through
So how you sign Dom nigga Dom will sign you
Don't do that OPM though you knew that
J Fresh got some bitches he calling me like where you at?
Tell 'em we on the way with bottles weed condiments
Altoids f**king Red Bulls all kind of shit
Might fall asleep on you though no promises
I gotta be up at 6:15 when its time to dip


[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]
I tell her calm down you don't know what you doing
Party every night and your life is gon be ruin
Maybe just your stockings, got everybody ooohing
Told me turn down for what? you know I'm trying to get straight to it
Her hair in a bun yeah thats that steeze
She like Mister C's I'd rather f**k with Micky D's
Cause an hour in a restaurant really ain't my speed
Trying to finish school early wanted to go straight to the league
Heard about the Goyard store thats overseas
With the royal blue wallet I can get you what you need
Don't do that OPM thought you knew that
Circling LAX she texting me like where you at?
Tell her I'm on the way with bags, hugs, chocolates
IPad couple magazines all kinda shit
Might fall asleep on you though no promises
Asked me what my real name was told her Dominic


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