Wanna Get High Lyrics

You wanna get high? ~ Dirt
I wanna get high. ~ Legacy
You wanna get laid? ~ Dirt
I wanna get laid. ~ Legacy

You wanna get drunk? ~ Dirt
I wanna get drunk. ~ Legacy
You wanna get paid? ~ Dirt
I wanna get paid.) ~ Legacy

I woke up chasing the dragon, doin shit that you couldn't imagine. fathom the legacy with a phantom, doin drugs alone in the attic ~ Legacy
I'm a addict addicted to habbits, suckin the tinfoil dick like a savage. if my dad wasn't such a asshole, I wouldn't be such a junkie bastard ~ Dirt
Shits crazy, my girl hates me cause my lifestyles shady. up all night up all day no sleep till brooklyn, I'm on the road again ~ Legacy
I've been doin heroin. My manager said I look very thin, skin greener than a alien, and my eyes are hella pin. ~ Dirt

[Chorus x2]

I'm sittin in a aa meeting, wasted, hittin on bitches that are weaklings. I'm a liar, always cheatin, on so much drugs I hurt my own feelings ~ Dirt
I said f**k school, I'm a loser, I got drugs to do. it's so confusin, if it ain't my woman it's me I'm abusin. ~ Legacy
I should get help, when I do coke I f**kin hate myself. I'm a do everyone a favor, and slit my wrists, see ya later. ~ Dirt
Lately I been faded, joined the dark side, like vader. Everybody is a hater, f**k your mom for makin you ~ Legacy

[Chorus x2]

To bad I won't go to rehab, detox, and then I relapse. It's sad when I look in the mirror, I seen the devil, ain't no angels in here. ~ Legacy
I smoke coke straight out the pipe, and rode a white horse through the night. Woke up I was on my bike, butt naked on the 405 ~ Dirt
I pray to god to forgive me, for all the shit I did to my living kids. Smoke weed like a hippie, do more blow than jack nicci ~ Legacy
I been up for 6 days ina row, doin blow with a gay ghost, but I ain't got a problem B. That's what I told my grandma rest in peace. ~ Dirt

[Chorus x4]

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