Hey Jessie Lyrics

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!
Hey Jessie.
Hey Jessie.
It feels like a party everyday.
Hey Jessie.
Hey Jessie.
But they keep on pulling me every which way.
Hey Jessie.
Hey Jessie.

My whole world is changing.
Turning around.
They got me going crazy.
Shaking a ground.
But they took a chance with the new girl in town.
And I don't wanna let them down, down, down.


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Megz 04/21/12,11:21

anyone who hates debby is a loser coz shes a great singer and actor. shell never do drugs so just face it shes great noone can deny that
Nikita 04/05/12,17:08

Love Debby Ryan she is awesome but fast songs are NOT her thing in 16 wishes her slow song sounded great! That was the best I've heard from her. NOT HATING just saying....
holly 02/17/12,10:47

whoeva says stupid stuff bout debby is just a jealous HATER!!! she aint gonna do no drugs & she's a great singer :p
hannah 01/07/12,15:58

i like jessie and by the the way jessie debby ryan is a good singer oh and noooooo asked for ur opinion that debby ryan is or is not a good singer got it
team jacob#1 fan 12/23/11,15:39

All those Jessie HATERS need tto chillout because she doesn't do drugs and ''fyi'' ya'll are just jealous
Jessie 12/02/11,17:38

i am a way better singer than her. all of the singing you hear is fake and from a recording studio. IT'S FAKE and let's face it, she'll do drugs one day just like Miley Cyrus.. WOW
debby ryan #1fan 11/30/11,16:42

i love debby and all of her songs i like her more than vanessa hudgens and all the debby haters chiilax debby is cool and pretty and she has a wounderful voice get it got good
Jessie Mccaulay 11/18/11,18:07

i love this song and the show..... the person who said debby ryan is terrible singer should stop cuz ur not better than her in any way
Matilda 11/16/11,14:59

bout my name friend gave it 2 me so luv this song,luv this program,its taught me so much in everyday life like how 2 treat friends keep them coming luv them and always will
Jessie 11/06/11,08:34

I'm 13 and my name is Jessie i watch this show at least twice a day its my favorite on disney channel now
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