The Northern Cobbler Lyrics

WA√?IT till our Sally cooms in, fur thou mun a‚?? sights1 to tell.
Eh, but I be ma√§in glad to see√§ tha sa ‚??arty an‚?? well.
‚??Cast awa√§y on a disolut land wi‚?? a vartical soon2!‚??
Strange fur to go√§ fur to think what sa√§ilors a‚?? see√§n an‚?? a‚?? doon;
‚??Summat to drink‚??sa‚?? ‚??ot?‚?? I ‚??a nowt but Adam‚??s wine:
What‚??s the ‚??e√§t o‚?? this little ‚??ill-side to the ‚??e√§t o‚?? the line?

‚??What‚??s i‚?? tha bottle a-stanning theer? I‚??ll tell tha. Gin.
But if thou wants thy grog, tha mun goä fur it down to the inn.
Naay‚??fur I be ma√§in-glad, but thaw tha was iver sa dry,
Thou gits naw gin fro‚?? the bottle theer, an‚?? I‚??ll tell tha why.

Me√§ an‚?? thy sister was married, when wur it? back-end o‚?? June,
Ten year sin‚??, and wa ‚??greed as well as a fiddle i‚?? tune:
I could fettle and clump owd boo√∂ts and shoes wi‚?? the best on ‚??em all,
As fer as fro‚?? Thursby thurn hup to Harmsby and Hutterby Hall.
We was busy as bee√§s i‚?? the bloom an‚?? ‚??appy as ‚??art could think,
An‚?? then the babby wur burn, and then I ta√§kes to the drink.

An‚?? I weant ga√§insa√§y it, my lad, thaw I be hafe sha√§med on it now,
We could sing a good song at the Plow, we could sing a good song at the Plow;
Thaw once of a frosty night I slither‚??d an hurted my huck,3
An‚?? I coom‚??d neck-an-crop soomtimes sla√§pe down i‚?? the squad an‚?? the muck:
An‚?? once I fowt wi‚?? the Ta√§ilor‚??not hafe ov a man, my lad‚??
Fur he scrawm‚??d an‚?? scratted my fa√§ce like a cat, an‚?? it ma√§de‚??er sa mad
That Sally she turn‚??d a tongue-banger4 an‚?? ra√§ted ma, ‚??Sottin‚?? thy bra√§ins
Guzzlin‚?? an‚?? so√§kin‚?? an‚?? smo√§kin‚?? an‚?? hawmin‚??5 about i‚?? the la√§nes,
So√§ sow-droonk that tha doesn not touch thy ‚??at to the Squire;‚??
An‚?? I loo√∂k‚??d cock-eyed at my no√§se an‚?? I see√§d ‚??im a-gittin‚?? o‚?? fire;
But sin‚?? I wur hallus i‚?? liquor an‚?? hallus as droonk as a king,
Fo√§lks‚?? coostom flitted awa√§y like a kite wi‚?? a brokken string.

An‚?? Sally she wesh‚??d fo√§lks‚?? clo√§ths to keep the wolf fro‚?? the door,
Eh but the moor she riled me, she druv me to drink the moor,
Fur I fun‚??, when ‚??er hack wur turn‚??d, wheer Sally‚??s owd stockin‚?? wur ‚??id,
An‚?? I grabb‚??d the munny she ma√§de, and I we√§r‚??d it o‚?? liquor, I did.

An‚?? one night I cooms ‚??o√§m like a bull gotten loose at a fa√§ir,
An‚?? she wur a-wa√§itin‚?? fo‚??mma, an‚?? cryin‚?? and te√§rin‚?? ‚??er ‚??a√§ir,
An‚?? I tummled athurt the cra√§dle an‚?? swe√§r‚??d as I‚??d break ivry stick
O‚?? furnitur ‚??ere i‚?? the ‚??ouse, an‚?? I gied our Sally a kick,
An‚?? I mash‚??d the ta√§bles an‚?? chairs, an‚?? she an‚?? the babby be√§l‚??d,6
Fur I knaw‚??d naw moor what I did nor a mortal be√§st o‚?? the fe√§ld.

An‚?? when I wa√§ked i‚?? the murnin‚?? I see√§d that our Sally went la√§med
Cos‚?? o‚?? the kick as I gied ‚??er, an‚?? I wur dreadful asha√§med;
An‚?? Sally wur sloomy7 an‚?? draggle ta√§il‚??d in an owd turn gown,
An‚?? the babby‚??s fa√§ce wurn‚??t wesh‚??d an‚?? the ‚??ole ‚??ouse hupside down.

An‚?? then I minded our Sally sa patty an‚?? ne√§t an‚?? swee√§t,
Strait as a pole an‚?? cle√§n as a flower fro‚?? ‚??ead to fee√§t:
An‚?? then I minded the fust kiss I gied ‚??er by Thursby thurn;
Theer wur a lark a-singin‚?? ‚??is best of a Sunday at murn,
Couldn‚??t see ‚??im, we ‚??e√§rd ‚??im a-mountin‚?? oop ‚??igher an‚?? ‚??igher,
An‚?? then ‚??e turn‚??d to the sun, an‚?? ‚??e shined like a sparkle o‚?? fire.
‚??Doesn‚??t tha see ‚??im,‚?? she axes, ‚??fur I can see ‚??im?‚?? an‚?? I
See√§d nobbut the smile o‚?? the sun as danced in ‚??er pratty blue eye;
An‚?? I says ‚??I mun gie tha a kiss,‚?? an‚?? Sally says ‚??No√§, thou mo√§nt,‚??
But I gied ‚??er a kiss, an‚?? then anoother, an‚?? Sally says ‚??do√§nt!‚??

An‚?? when we coom‚??d into Mee√§tin‚??, at fust she wur all in a tew,
But, arter, we sing‚??d the ‚??ymn togither like birds on a beugh;
An‚?? Muggins ‚??e pre√§ch‚??d o‚?? Hell-fire an‚?? the loov o‚?? God fur men,
An‚?? then upo‚?? coomin‚?? awa√§y Sally gied me a kiss ov ‚??ersen.

Heer wur a fall fro‚?? a kiss to a kick like Sa√§tan as fell
Down out o‚?? heaven i‚?? hell-fire‚??thaw theer‚??s naw drinkin‚?? i‚?? Hell;
Me√§ fur to kick our Sally as kep the wolf fro‚?? the door,
All along o‚?? the drink, fur I loov‚??d ‚??er as well as afoor.

Sa like a gre√§t num-cumpus I blubber‚??d awa√§y o‚?? the bed‚??
‚??We√§nt niver do it naw moor;‚?? an‚?? Sally loookt up an‚?? she said,
‚??I‚??ll upowd it8 tha we√§nt; thou‚??rt like the rest o‚?? the men,
Thou‚??ll go√§ sniffin‚?? about the tap till tha does it ag√ęan.
Theer‚??s thy hennemy, man, an‚?? I knaws, as knaws tha sa well,
That, if tha see√§s ‚??im an‚?? smells ‚??im tha‚??ll foller ‚??im slick into Hell.‚??

‚??Na√§y,‚?? says I, ‚??fur I we√§nt go√§ sniffin‚?? about the tap.‚??
‚??We√§nt tha?‚?? she says, an‚?? mysen I thowt i‚?? mysen ‚??mayhap.‚??
‚??No√§:‚?? an‚?? I started awa√§y like a shot, an‚?? down to the Hinn,
An‚?? I browt what tha see√§s stannin‚?? theer, yon big black bottle o‚?? gin.

‚??That caps owt,‚??9 says Sally, an‚?? saw she begins to cry,
But I puts it inter ‚??er ‚??ands an‚?? I says to ‚??er, ‚??Sally,‚?? says I,
‚??Stan‚?? ‚??im theer i‚?? the na√§me o‚?? the Lord an‚?? the power ov ‚??is Gra√§ce,
Stan‚?? ‚??im theer, fur I‚??ll loo√∂k my hennemy strait i‚?? the fa√§ce,
Stan‚?? ‚??im theer i‚?? the winder, an‚?? let ma loo√∂k at ‚??im then,
‚??E see√§ms naw moor nor watter, an‚?? ‚??e‚??s the Divil‚??s o√§n sen.‚??

An‚?? I wur down i‚?? tha mouth, couldn‚??t do naw work an‚?? all,
Nasty an‚?? snaggy an‚?? sha√§ky, an‚?? poonch‚??d my ‚??and wi‚?? the hawl,
But she wur a power o‚?? coomfut, an‚?? sattled ‚??ersen o‚?? my knee,
An‚?? co√§xd an‚?? coodled me oop till age√§n I feel‚??d mysen free.

An‚?? Sally she tell‚??d it about, an‚?? fo√§lk stood a-gawmin‚??10 in,
As thaw it wur summat bewitch‚??d istead of a quart o‚?? gin;
An‚?? some on ‚??em said it wur watter‚??an‚?? I wur chousin‚?? the wife,
Fur I couldn‚??t ‚??owd ‚??ands off gin, wur it nobbut to sa√§ve my life;
An‚?? blacksmith ‚??e strips me the thick ov ‚??is airm, an‚?? ‚??e shaws it to me,
Fee√§l thou this! thou can‚??t graw this upo‚?? watter!‚?? says he.
An‚?? Doctor ‚??e calls o‚?? Sunday an‚?? just as candles was lit,
‚??Thou mo√§nt do it,‚?? he says, ‚??tha mun break ‚??im off bit by bit.‚??
‚??Thou‚??rt but a Methody-man,‚?? says Parson, and la√§ys down ‚??is ‚??at,
An‚?? ‚??e points to the bottle o‚?? gin, ‚??but I respeeks tha fur that;‚??
An‚?? Squire, his o√§n very sen, walks down fro‚?? the ‚??All to see,
An‚?? ‚??e spanks ‚??is ‚??and into mine, ‚??fur I respecks tha,‚?? says ‚??e;
An‚?? coostom age√§n draw‚??d in like a wind fro‚?? far an‚?? wide,
And browt me the boo√∂ts to be cobbled fro‚?? hafe the coontryside.

An‚?? theer ‚??e stans an‚?? theer ‚??e shall stan to my dying da√§y;
I ‚??a gotten to loov ‚??im age√§n in anoother kind of a wa√§y,
Proud on ‚??im, like, my lad, an‚?? I kee√§ps ‚??im cle√§n an‚?? bright,
Loovs ‚??im, an‚?? roobs ‚??im, an‚?? doosts ‚??im, an‚?? puts ‚??im back i‚?? the light.

Wouldn‚??t a pint a‚?? sarved as well as a quart? Naw doubt:
But I liked a bigger fetter to fight wi‚?? an fowt it out.
Fine an‚?? meller ‚??e mun be by this, if I cared to ta√§ste,
But I mo√§nt, my lad, and I we√§nt, fur I‚??d fe√§l mysen cle√§n disgra√§ced.

An‚?? once I said to the Missis, ‚??My lass, when I cooms to die,
Smash the bottle to smithers, the Divil‚??s in ‚??im,‚?? said I.
But arter I cha√§nged my mind, an‚?? if Sally be left alo√§n,
I‚??ll hev ‚??im a-buried wi‚??mma an‚?? ta√§kt ‚??im afoor the Thro√§n.

Coom thou ‚??eer‚??yon la√§dy a-steppin along the stree√§t,
Doesn‚??t tha knaw ‚??er‚??sa pratty, an‚?? fe√§t, an‚?? ne√§t, an‚?? swee√§t?
Look at the clo√§ths on ‚??er back, thebbe ammost spick-span-new,
An‚?? Tommy‚??s fa√§ce be as fresh as a codlin wesh‚??d i‚?? the dew.

‚??Ere he our Sally an‚?? Tommy, an‚?? we be a-goin to dine,
Ba√§con an‚?? ta√§tes, an‚?? a beslings-pud-din‚??11 an‚?? Adam‚??s wine;
But if tha wants ony grog tha mun goä fur it down to the Hinn,
Fur I we√§nt shed a drop on ‚??is blood, no√§, not fur Sally‚??s o√§n kin.

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