Chris Brown - Famous Girl
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Famous Girl Lyrics

Verse 1:

'Ye (Kanye) woulda said youre so "Amazing"
So how could you be so "Heartless" girl?
"Live Your Life",
(Take T.I.)-M-E
"Day 'N Nite" just like Kid Cudi
You'll think of me you will

Drake would say that
You're the "Best he Ever Had"
Rumors come and go
But you keep your shadow
Everywhere you go it follows
Can't understand I still love you
(watch the blogs talk about this one)

Soon as I thought I found the right woman
There were other guys who thought the same thing about her
Like damn you let me down-down-down
Cause you're a famous girl
For breaking hearts

You're famous girl (girl)
Girl (girl)
Girl (girl)

Should've known you'd break my heart (heart)
Heart (heart)

Verse 2:

Keri would've said my love "Knocks Her Down"
Keyshia would've told me I was "Sent From Heaven"
Sorry B I don't wear no "Halo"
You were first to play the game though
Sorry I "Bust The Windows" out your car

I might have cheated in the beginning
I was wrong for writing "Disturbia"
But I meant it in "Forever"
We were 'posed to be together
And I can't let you go


Soon as you thought you found the right man
There were other girls who thought the same thing about me
Like damn I let you down
Down (down)
Down (down)
Guess I'm famous girl for breaking hearts

I'm famous girl (girl)
Girl (girl)
Girl (girl) (x3)

Didn't know I'd break your heart (x2)



Many hearts we should've left unbroken
Empty words are better left unspoken
Too much pressure I wish time was frozen
Seems we lost our way
Now I hope you're happy being famous girl


Your famous girl (girl girl)
Should've known that you would break my heart (You're famous girl girl girl)
Should have known you would leave me lonely (You're famous girl girl girl) yeah
Shoul've known that you would break my heart (That you would break my heart heart heart)
But then again I'm famous girl (I'm famous girl girl girl)
I've broken my share of hearts (I'm famous girl girl girl) (yeah yeah yeah yeah)(I'm famous girl girl girl)
Should've known from the start that we would break apart
Didn't know I'd break your heart (That I would break your heart) (yeah yeah yeah yeah)

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Songwriter(s): Chris Brown, Kaleb Nathan Rollins, Luke Boyd, Ryan Caleb, Christopher Maurice Brown, Joseph Lonny Bereal, Ryan Leslie, Robert Allen
Copyright: Songs For Heart Music, Songs Of Universal Inc., Culture Beyond Ur Experience Publishing, Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Notting Dale Songs Inc., Ns4life Musi
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Meaning to "Famous Girl" song text (6 meanings)
ciska 05/14/12,04:52

Great song!! Rihanna is confuse doesn't know where she wanna b!! ag u can't blame she's still young..
-courtney lynn. 05/07/10,14:25

it's Ye woulda said your so amazing so why could you be so heartless girl live your lif take T-i-m-e day and night just like kid cudi you'll think of me you wll oh Drake would say that your the best
dee 01/08/10,10:39

he is the one who wrote disturbia.. hearing this song I think that Rihanna was the one who cheated.. just look how she fast found new man-Matt Kemp..and she act like she is with him 2 years..
anuh 12/26/09,03:10

this is about rhianna. he confirmed this on BET. Great song tho even tho these lyrics suck! i found so many mistakes.
Blah 12/13/09,23:36

Everybody knows this is to rihanna cause you bust the windows out her car and it was a rumor that her and drake were talkin . jealously
ashlynn 12/13/09,10:14

he is so obviously talking about Rihanna! (even though he deny's it) he even mentions Rihanna's song Disturbia.
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