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Still The Reason Lyrics

Uh, yo

Borded 10 birds, I'll serve it to 'em
Broke niggaz, huh, I'm allergic to 'em
Like Aaliyah, listen I'm one in a million
Elevator in a house, you ain't got one in yo' building
He walkin' up 5 flights
Sheesh, nope, couldn't be my life
Used to be, then they got side-swiped
Dun-a-na-dun-a-na, high lights
Hit the highway, hard like a proud fight
Dope tan, oh man, yeah and the pies white
AK, facelift, that's the basics
The base thick,, taste it, no need to bake it
The bracelet, look down, matchin' the A6
Hey prick, say it, I'm your favorite
Coupe DeVille, stupid ill, yep, and I suede it
New York Post, I'm usually on page six
Not the lottery, but you gon' Take 6
I see your girl and I wave like "Hey bitch"
They say I'm sorta crazy
I don't know, maybe there's suttin' in the water baby

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's Killa Season
Scrilla is still the reason
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's Killa Season
Scrilla is still the reason

We beat the first trial, fuck the appeal
If not it'll get ugly like Seal, ill
Niggaz tryna front on me, like ma won't dump for me
But I'm by myself, my mother said no company
So I got the pump on me, comfortably, hunger please
Fuck that, 100 thou in the Dungarees
Niggaz hate life, I love the world
Got hood bitches, down to cover girls
Check the magazines, I'm on the cover girl
Makin' ma mad, girl sick, brotha hurl
(Uggggh) yeah, throw up
Then I look at 'em, like, grow up
Check the jewelry, it's a bit risky
R. Kelly Edition, yeah the shit pissy
Yeah, I get busy, this how busy get
.9's, Techs, Macs, with the 50 clip

When it come to beef, I'm effortless
Get ya trench coat, it's treacherous
Remember this, I'm one that you'll never diss
The Professional, slash, terrorist
Write ya name down, put it on a special list
When it comes to murder, we specialists
I been winning so long, they had to hate it
When I say "Necklace", decapitated
Coke in coffins, yeah, decaffeinated
How he gettin' money, and he aggravated
Nigga fascinated, two girls, masturbated
Pulled the whip out, left 'em lacerated

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