Spanish Is The Loving Tongue Lyrics

Broke my heart, lost my soul
Adios, mi corazon
Spanish is the loving tongue
Soft as music, light as spring
It was a girl I learned it from
Living down Sonora way
Well, I don't look much like a lover
Still I say her love words over
Mostly when I'm all alone
Mi amor, mi cora sole.

Haven't seen her since that night
I can't cross the line you know
They want me for a gamblin' fight
Like as not it's better so
Still I always kind of missed her
Since that last sad night I kissed her
Broke her heart, lost my own
Adios, mi cora sole
Broke her heart, lost my own
Adios, mi cora sole
Adios, mi cora sole
Adios, mi cora sole.

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Peter 02/18/12,05:36

It can't be MI CORA SOLE (because it means nothing), than MI CORAZON, that means MY HEART, like in a secend verse of these song
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