Blood On The Dance Floor - The Last Dance Feat. Haley Rose
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The Last Dance Lyrics Feat. Haley Rose

Interlace your fingers in-between mine
Whisper in my ear tell me this won't be the last time
That you ever dance with that smile on your face
Look me in the eye tell me that you don't want to stay

If it's the last time
I'm gonna see you
I'm gonna show you
I'm gonna make you move
Come right over here boy
Cuz' I've been holding back
If it's the last chance
I'm gonna make you mine

Get on the Dance Floor
This is your last chance
We’ll do it hardcore
Get lost in this trance
The music’s calling me
Are you listening
My love’s in prison
You hold the only key

From across the room
I see you standing their all alone
What's it like to feel like your on your own
Let our future be on the floor
Dance with me
One last time
Leave our past at the door

It Took a long time
To forget you
To pretend your gone
And you left without a trace
I need you so bad
And it's more than words can say
So take my hand and will dance the night away

Get on the dance floor
this is your last chance
We'll do it hardcore
Get lost in this trance
The music's calling me
Are you listening
My love's in prison
You hold the only key

Cure my addiction
Beautiful dark muse
Need your affection
You are my dream come true
You leave me breathless
You hypnotize me
can’t live without this
You mesmerize me

Save me from this Darkness
Can you save me from my past
Tell me that tonight will last forever
Let's spend this last dance together

Blood. On. The. Dance. Floor.
This is our last chance
Let's Do It Hardcooooooore
Music's calling me
You should be listening
My love's in prison
You have the only key

We are all connected and we are all One One energy
Or one supreme mind,
Or the consciences,
Or the one creative source.
Call it whatever you want but we are all one.
You cannot be harmed unless you call harm into
By emitting those negative thoughts
And feelings you are separating yourself
From the one and all good.
By the law of love,
You must not compete against yourself
And only focus on your dreams,
Your visions,
And all of your magnificence.
You are the cosmic being.
You are the power.
Your the intelligence,
You are perfection.
All the power comes from faith & within.

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