Carolyn Lyrics

These times in life we learn to try, with one intention
Of learning how and when we'll die, but we cant listen
I wish to god I'd known that I, I didnt stand a chance
Of looking back and knowing why, or pain of circumstance

You're not alone
We'll brave this storm

So here's my song I wrote in time, when it was needed
Through pain of heart or loss of mind, your burdens lifted

You arent alone just know that I, cant save our hearts tonight

You're not alone
We'll brave this storm
And face today
You're not alone

You're not alone
We'll brave this storm
And face today
You're not alone

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Songwriter(s): Jacob Mark Pitts, Andrew Biersack
Copyright: Affiliated Music Pub O.B.O. Abierasck, Jacob Pitts Music, Atlantic Records ASCAP Pub Designee, WB Music Corp.
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Meaning to "Carolyn" song text (38 meanings)
Sierra 08/29/12,19:04

I love this song so much. It helps me remember that there are people going through the same stuff as I am and that I'm not alone
ZachShadows 08/16/12,16:09

This song helps me realize that no matter how far my girlfriend is, her heart will always be with me. Thank you Black Veil Brides.
MissyG 08/09/12,17:32

This song helped me through those times when i had no one to go too. I was in a bad place. My girlfriend was in a bad place. I couldn't go to my parents. And it helped me remember she's still there
bvb lover reble 01/25/14,13:11

Thank you mychemicalbride cuz I picked on all the time I always the worst about myself I always think for example: I'm a terrible person or I don't deserve a chance and I don't belong anywhere but you have shown me that's not true thank you :'D.
xXFallen_AngelXx 12/08/12,09:08

This song reminds me to saty confident to myself and never give up your dreams and there are people out there just like you maybe even exactly alike so you not alone
MyChemicalBride 11/08/12,07:33

This song means so much to me. It reminds me that there are others out there like me and that I'm not alone. Even when your called a freak those people are just lonely and mean nothing. So always remember that there are others like you and never give in.
BVBFOREVER!! 10/04/12,22:24

I love this song with all my heart. it make me feel happy when im sad i love it. and all of their songs. BVB ROCKS!
Xxxemororizxxx 09/11/12,15:04

This song... I luv it it has helped me go through everyday sometimes I feel alone but this song reminds me I'm not thx bvb luv u guys!!!
Toby 05/25/12,11:53

its such a good song and has got me through so much. i can also really relate to it through personal experiences i have had. my gf also loves this song!!!
Aut 05/20/12,20:08

This song helped me throughout the time I healed when my friend was killed. I wasn't alone and thanks bvb
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