12 Days Of Christmas Lyrics (feat. Snoop Dogg)

On the twelth day of Christmas
Snoop Dogg gave to me
12 ringside tickets
11 books of physics
10 juicy corn dogs
9 lucky combs
8 whooly beenies
7 sweater vests
6 hockey helmets
5 municipal bonds with a compound interest rate of 3
percent accured monthly
4 comfey PJ's
3 canned hams
2 fractured femurs
And a song for the Christmas EP (2x)
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Meaning to "12 Days Of Christmas (feat. Snoop Dogg)" song lyrics (9 meanings)
Marissa 12/19/12,22:07

Marvel,duh,and Kendizzle this is a song about what they got for the 12 days of christmas. Not what good things they got
Sammy is handsome 03/01/12,10:35

Where can i get a copy of all the btr cd's ?and also love the btr gang,they are like awersome,and how handsome is James?
Marvel is awesome 01/30/12,17:56

I agree with duh. This song's messed up. I also agree with Kendsizzle Schmiditity, what good do broken thighs do? It sucks! Looks like your not gonna be able to use those tickets Snoop gave to you. 12/23/11,16:20

i luv this song there is only one thing i luv more than this song and it is KENDALL! he is so the star of btr
duh 12/07/11,18:03

It's 5 MUNICIPAL BONDS with a compound INTEREST RATE of 3 percent, accrued monthly. Seriously? Middle school bons? That's not even a thing and if it was, what would they be doing in a straight anyway?
musicluver14 09/14/11,07:51

connor,there are some things i dont understand about him,but do you really have to come on here and insult him? get a life
Connor 06/04/11,15:32

no offense guys but james is totally the best singer... & i think snoop ruins every song hes in.... like california gurls, boyfriend and all the others. yea, i hate snoop. Like, y duz he hav braids!?!
a fan 04/28/11,08:23

soolll i like your idea are you gay cause i wonder if you want to have sex with me and my you guys.
$trawberry 02/12/11,12:01

123 all my bozs n girlz we goin to party like iz the n of the world lets get it started hey!started hey! started hey! cuz i been feel in down down down i hav to pik me up round round round u better
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