Big Time Rush - 12 Days Of Christmas (feat. Snoop Dogg)


12 Days Of Christmas Lyrics (feat. Snoop Dogg)

On the twelth day of Christmas
Snoop Dogg gave to me
12 ringside tickets
11 books of physics
10 juicy corn dogs
9 lucky combs
8 whooly beenies
7 sweater vests
6 hockey helmets
5 municipal bonds with a compound interest rate of 3
percent accrued monthly
4 comfey PJ's
3 canned hams
2 fractured femurs
And a song for the Christmas EP (2x)

these lyrics are submitted by Sam Fabrega #1 BTR Fan
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Meaning to "12 Days Of Christmas (feat. Snoop Dogg)" (4 meanings)
Marissa 12/19/12,22:07

Marvel,duh,and Kendizzle this is a song about what they got for the 12 days of christmas. Not what good things they got
duh 12/07/11,18:03

It's 5 MUNICIPAL BONDS with a compound INTEREST RATE of 3 percent, accrued monthly. Seriously? Middle school bons? That's not even a thing and if it was, what would they be doing in a straight anyway?
Connor 06/04/11,15:32

no offense guys but james is totally the best singer... & i think snoop ruins every song hes in.... like california gurls, boyfriend and all the others. yea, i hate snoop. Like, y duz he hav braids!?!
$trawberry 02/12/11,12:01

123 all my bozs n girlz we goin to party like iz the n of the world lets get it started hey!started hey! started hey! cuz i been feel in down down down i hav to pik me up round round round u better
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